• Why should I buy a designer bag from effe?
  • Our family has been in the industry for over 60 years, and hold an expertise in leather and designer goods. Our aim is to create a safe place to buy pre-loved, where customers can confidently purchase second hand with the peace of mind that it has been restored back to near new conditions by professionals.
  • What are the additional benefits of purchasing from effe?
  • With every purchase, comes a life long relationship. We are committed to the reuse and maintenance of designer goods, and want to ensure all pieces we sell are loved for many more years to come, with every purchase our customers will receive;:
    – Free care & maintenance advice
    – A one-time waterproofing voucher for your purchase, redeemable at Evans.

    *These benefits can only be redeemed with items purchased through effe. The voucher is only valid for a single use.
  • Where do you source your pieces from?
  • Our pieces are sourced from different places including our client base at Evans, online-third party platforms and local consignment stores.
  • Are your items authenticated?
  • Every item on our site has been through a rigorous authentication process. Our team physically examines the materials, construction, hardware and detailing on each item. Refer to the authentication tab below for additional information.
  • Can I view your collection in person?
  • Our collection can only be browsed online. For viewing of individual items, an appointment can be made by contacting hello@efferesale.com.au with your preferred time. Appointments will be at our partner store – Evans Leather, Shop 50, Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD.
  • Can I inspect the item before purchasing?
  • Certainly, we encourage it as all sales are final. You can contact us at hello@efferesale.com.au to arrange an inspection at our partner store – Evans Leather, Shop 50, Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD.
  • How do I arrange a viewing?
  • To arrange a viewing at our partner store – Evans Leather, in the Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD get in touch with us via instagram effe.resale or email us at hello@efferesale.com.au with your preferred visiting time.

Pick Ups

  • I purchased a bag online and selected in-store pick up, what now?
  • Our team will notify you when your handbag is ready for collection, in the meantime, please get in touch with our team at hello@efferesale.com.au to organise a collection day and time during opening hours 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday. Items can be collected from our partner store Evans located at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD.


  • Is your shipping insured?
  • No, insurance is not included in express australia post (with no insurance added). Customers can request added insurance, which is payable by the customer.
  • How do I add insurance to my shipping?
  • Added insurance is payable by the customer, and can be arranged by our team. When purchasing your item, select the post option, and email us at hello@efferesale.com.au to request insurance. The fee for added insurance is payable by square link.
  • What if something happens to my item while in transit?
  • We are unable to cover for any damage, or lost items while items are in transit. For any postage or handling errors, we advise contacting Australia post directly.
  • When will my order be shipped?
  • Please allow 1 – 3 working days for your item to be processed and dispatched.
  • How long will it take for my item to arrive?
  • Your purchase will be processed and dispatched within 1 – 3 working days of purchase. For your unique estimated time of arrival, please look directly at Australia Post using the tracking number provided to you.
  • What happens if the item I purchased is not authentic?
  • If the item you purchased is not authentic, you will be refunded the total amount paid.
  • I have just purchased an item, can I collect it myself?
  • Yes, you can book an appointment at hello@efferesale.com.au to arrange collection of your item from Evans Leather Repair, Melbourne CBD.


  • What aftercare services do you provide?
  • In partnership with Evans, we offer a complimentary waterproofing voucher to our customers after every effe purchase. We also provide free care advice for each item, you can reach out to us at hello@efferesale.com.au if you have any further questions about maintaining your item.
  • What does the ‘free care advice’ entail?
  • Our customers will receive complimentary care advice via email for their new purchase. This personalised care guide provides information about your bag’s materials, tips about maintaining your handbag, how to prevent damage and what to do if you recognise any damage. Early intervention is imperative when it comes to bag-care. Thus, our aim is to educate our customers to ensure they can provide the best care possible for their handbag. If you have specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for further assistance at hello@efferesale.com.au
  • What is waterproofing, and what services does my waterproofing voucher include?
  • With every effe purchase, customers can redeem a free professional waterproofing service at our repair partner Evans. Waterproofing involves treating leather or materials to make them resistant to water and moisture. Waterproofing is applicable to most materials including all leathers (smooth, suede, patent, highshine) and fabrics (denim, tessuto, nylon, satin, cloth, wool).
  • Why should I waterproof my bags?
  • Waterproofing has a variety of benefits, and you will notice in your care advice, that waterproofing is the best prevention for damage. Leather, when exposed to water can lead to discoloration, stiffness, and even deterioration over time. In addition to these benefits, waterproofing also preserves the leather, keeps it supple, and prevents mould from growing. Materials, when exposed to water can lead to discolouration, stiffness, and are particularly prone to mould. Waterproofing does not prevent all liquid stains (e.g. wine, oils) but will make it significantly easier for professionals to remove the stain, as the liquid does not penetrate into the pores of leather, and into materials.
  • When should I redeem my waterproofing voucher?
  • Prior to sale, all effe pieces are waterproofed by Evans leather professionals, so you won’t need to redeem your service immediately. We are unable to suggest an exact time to waterproof again, as it depends on a number of factors e.g. how often you wear the bag, and the environments your handbag is in. As a general rule of thumb, we advise professional waterproofing every 3-6 months.
  • How do I redeem my waterproofing voucher?
  • Simply show proof of Effe purchase to the friendly team at Evans. This can be either your confirmation email, or order number.
  • What is the turnaround time for the waterproofing service?
  • Details regarding the waterproofing service will be provided by staff at Evans.
  • Where should I take my bag for general repairs, cleaning or restoration?
  • If your handbag needs a freshen up or has sustained damage, we recommend seeking professional assistance with our trusted repair partner Evans in Melbourne CBD. Evans also provide a three-way postal service Australia wide.


  • What condition does my item have to be in to sell it?
  • We accept items in all conditions. See condition ratings below.
  • How are your condition ratings defined?
  • Like new
    – No signs of wear, or new with/without tags
    – Has not been worn, No modifications or alterations
    – Small defects are attributed to manufacturing.
    – Light use, Shows minimal signs of wear
    – Restored, modified, or altered
    Very good condition
    – Shows faint signs of wear
    – Allowed: loose stitching
    – Does not include: discolouration
    – Colour transfer, holes, Restored, modified, or altered
    Good condition
    – Shows moderate signs of wear
    – Allowed: loose stitching, light scratches to hardware, missing branded piece, worn corners, scuffs
    – Does not include: discolouration, colour transfer, holes.
    – Restored, modified, or altered
    Fair condition
    – Shows heavy signs of wear, very obvious signs of wear.
    – Allowed: loose stitching, light scratches to hardware, missing branded piece, worn corners, scuffs, discolouration, colour transfer, holes, structural damage.
    – Restored, modified, or altered.
  • How much can I sell my item for?
  • Sales price depends on the condition of your item.
    Very poor condition – structurally or functionally impaired, 15 – 25% of RRP.
    Poor condition – very poor condition with many areas of damage, general discolouration, 15 – 35% of RRP.
    Good condition – used condition with few areas of damage, scuffs, minor blemishes, 35 – 70% of RRP.
    Excellent condition – near new condition, there is very light wear, 70+% of RRP.
    New condition – item has never been worn, 80+% of RRP
  • What is the process for selling an item?
  • 1.    Fill out our online application form
    2.    Within 1-2 business days you will receive an offer, and an estimated purchase cost
    3.    If you are interested in proceeding, you can send your item to us via post, or drop it off at our office in the Royal Arcade.
    4.    Upon inspection, our team will send you a final quote within 5 business days.
    5.    If approved, you will receive full payment within 48 hours.
  • Why was my application for selling declined?
  • Effe’s items are screened to ensure the quality, and condition of items meets our standards. Items will be declined if they are irreparable or if their restoration will significantly alter their design or structural integrity.


  • What is the authentication process?
  • Every item on our site has been through a rigorous authentication process. Our team physically examines the materials, construction, hardware and detailing on each item. Third party authenticators may be used to provide a second opinion.
  • What to do if I suspect the item I purchased is not authentic?
  • If you are concerned and suspect your item is not authentic, please get in touch with our authentication team directly at hello@efferesale.com.au to organise a return label for your purchase.
  • What happens if the item I purchased is not authentic?
  • If you requested an authentication check, and your item is deemed to be inauthentic by third party, a full refund will be issued to you.
  • What happens if I questioned the authenticity of my item, and the third party confirms it is authentic?
  • If you requested an authentication check, and your item is deemed to be authentic by a third party, your item will be sent back to you, and you will be liable for the shipping costs incurred during the return process.
  • What happens if I sell or consign an item with you that is not authentic?
  • Please caution that we do not accept non-authentic items. If your item is not authentic, it will be sent back, and you will be invoiced for the authentication service postage and handling, approximately $100.
  • Do you offer a paid authentication service?
  • At this stage in time, no. Our authentication service is strictly in-house for our products.


  • Do you offer returns?
  • No, all sales are final. We do not offer returns for changes of mind. We strongly encourage customers to look at the product listing, and read the condition report. We encourage to customers to come in-store to physically inspect their item before purchasing.
  • What happens if the item I purchased is not authentic?
  • If the item you purchased is not authentic, you will be issued a full refund.